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Assured Shorthold Tenancies

Can My Landlord Put The Rent Up?

Unless there is a specific clause in your tenancy agreement showing how and when future rent increases will be calculated, then the following applies:

During the fixed term of my contract

If a fixed rent is shown on your tenancy agrement, then it can not be increased during the fixed term without your consent.

After the fixed term of my contract

New Contract

Your landlord may offer you a new contract at a higher rate of rent.  You do not have to accept the contract, but if you decline then the landlord may choose to evict you under section 21 of the 1988 Housing Act.  This can give you the security of a fixed rent for the duration of the new contract.

Section 13 Notice

Your landlord may serve you with a section 13 notice.  This will give you at least one months notice of a rent increase, and must be on a specific form that tells you your options if you do not agree with the increase.  Essentially, you have the option of asking a Rent Assesment Committee to decide a fair rent.  A section 13 notice can not be used more frequently than every 52 weeks.

Mutual Agreement

Not a real process, but if you are told of an increase and pay it, it is assumed that you have accepted the increase, and can not subsequently reject the rent because you were not given a new contract or a valid section 13 notice.